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Ground Handling Service Providers (GHSP)

Opscom for GHSP’s is a web-based (SaaS) solution, supporting all aspect of safety and quality for a GHSP.
The solution is compliant with the latest authorities’ requirements, including ICAO SMS Doc 9859/2017, ICAO Annex 19, ISO 31000, (EU) 2019/1384 and (EU) 376/2014.

Technical requirements

With SaaS (Software as a service) there is no need for a server installation. With a stable internet connection, Opscom is up and running.

Security and stability

Opscom has a proven track record as a system provider for more than 10 years with more than 60 airports as customers today. We are employing the latest feature related to cyber security and Opscom will have an ISO 27001 company certification in 2020.

Responsive design gives you 100 % mobility

With the development of Opscom 2.0 we have made it possible to work with Opscom on any mobile device. In an easy and user-friendly manner. We can also provide you with an offline-app for added mobility.

Information management and user control

Opscom gives better control of minor occurrences, to identify and organize the hazard and improves your risk management process. The solution provides every stakeholder at the aerodrome with a common platform for the day to day operation and the aerodrome`s safety work. There is no limitation on the number of Opscom users within the system. Your data integrity is taken care of and Opscom is compliant with the EU GDPR regulation.

Management of change (MOC)

Opscom will have a dedicated MOC module in 2020. This module will support the process and documentation of any management of change activity at an aerodrome. There are today several functions supporting a MOC process, but with a defined module, this will be more user-friendly.