Opscom Modules - Aerodrome

To Do

1. Operations

This is a core module for airside operations. It contains several defined features

  • Equipment oversight with any type of checklists and digital forms, integrated into the SPI/KPI's for management oversight
  • Task management
  • Roster and duty management

2. Documentation

The document module features publication of documents (files), a digital signature for receiving documents and an easy solution for following up publication of documents

  • The duty journal for day-to-day documentation that is not identified as a occurence
  • A operational occurrence log, fully customized by the user, that can generate a very user friendly interface for occurrence reporting
  • Environmental reporting, with statistics and oversight

3. Quality assurance

Case management, occurrence reporting and root cause identification

  • An integrated audit function with digital checklists and custom-made checklist library
  • A fully operational compliance function, that gives the airodrome a day-to-day oversight of any compliance related issues
  • Management of Change (MoC) functionality, keeping track of and documenting planned and on-going changes at the aerodrome

4. Safety & security

Hazard library, risk assessment and mitigations are fully integrated with other functions in Opscom. This gives a 360 oversight of the risk management process

  • Visitor journal, handling access cards and security approvals
  • Training, approvals and skills oversight of all personnel and operational teams

5. Management dashboard

This module is the central place for the user to generate the statistics and operational oversight. The data will be generated in the system, but extracted and presented in this module

This module is the central place for the user to access the statistics and operational oversight. The data is generated in the system, and extracted and presented in this module.