Simplifying Complexity - Improving Safety™
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We are Opscom Systems

Opscom Systems is offering complete safety management solutions to the aviation industry. Our innovative solutions are developed in close cooperation with an extensive and wide network of stakeholders in the industry, including civilian and military airport operators, airlines and helicopter operators. Our vision is to become a key player in the European market within Safety Management Systems by 2020. Our mission is simple, yet ambitious: "Simplifying Complexity - Improving Safety!"

Asbjørn NilsenSpacerAsbjørn Nilsen
Asbjørn is the CEO of Opscom Systems. He joined our team in 2011, and has more than 30 years of experience in business startups and operations. He has also worked within the banking industry for three years. He has a Bachelor in Finance and Administration from Nordland University.
Contact Asbjørn: asbjorn@opscomsystems.com, phone: (+47) 47 77 55 10

Roar SkogstadSpacerRoar Skogstad
Roar is the Director of Sales and Marketing in Opscom Systems. Roar founded the company in 2003 and has been CEO for more than 10 years. His background also includes facility management and insurance, and he has a vested interest in effective operational management systems.
Contact Roar:   sales@opscomsystems.com,
Imagephone: (+47) 900 53 277 / (+47) 47 77 55 10

Jan ArntzenSpacerJan Arntzen
Jan is our Quality Manager. Heading several aviation related projects in Opscom based on his background as aerodrome manager at the Bodø and Ørland Air Force Bases, Jan is an invaluable professional asset to our team. He ranked as Colonel in the Royal Norwegian Air force, where he has served most of his professional career.
Contact Jan: support@opscomsystems.com, phone: (+47) 47 77 55 10

SpacerFrode PetersenSpacerFrode Petersen
Frode handles our customer support, working closely together with our whole team in finding solutions to the problems and inquiries our users might have.

Contact Frode: support@opscomsystems.com, phone: (+47) 47 77 55 10

ImageSpacerOdd H. Johansen
Odd is a Senior Advisor, assisting customers in implementing Opscom and training. He has a substantial career in aviation, both in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and in civilian aerodrome operations. His last position before joining our ranks, was as Airport Manager at Rygge Airport. He has operational experience in using Opscom that will benefit our customers.
Contact Odd: odd.johansen@opscomsystems.com, phone: (+47) 926 01 987

Trond WintherSpacerTrond Winther
Trond is our Chief Technical Officer. He joined Opscom Systems in 2006. Trond took the challenge of working as our CEO for two years, doubling as CEO and CTO. He finished his bachelor's degree in information technology at Nordland University in 2005, and has a background from working with communications in the Norwegian Armed Forces.
Contact Trond: trond@opscomsystems.com, phone: (+47) 47 77 55 10

Updated: 21 june 2018