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    Opscom 2.0 in development

    Responsive design access Opscom from any mobile device

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    Opscom 2.0 in development

    Management dashboard - better oversight for all management levels

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    Opscom APP is supporting offline inspections and control

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    Opscom Aerodrome makes Airport Operations more effective and improves safety

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    Opscom is used by many Heli and Fixed wing operators, inside and outside Scandinavia

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    Opscom fully support the SMS principles in ICAO Doc. 9859

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Why SHOULD YOU buy opscom systems ?


opscom system offers a complete soluTION including both safety and compliance management functions assuring a 360 degree SAFETY perspective 

If your operation has to comply with ICAO regulations, ICAO recommendations, EASA-Ops, EC 139/2014 (ADR) or any range of ISO / IOASA standards,  Opscom is the right compliance and safety management system for your aviation business.

Operational benefits includes an up to date management tool that support you with the day to day running of your airside operation.  All the safety and quality aspects of running an Airport, Air OperatORS, a Part-145 shop or being an ANS-Provider are handled with SUPPORT of different modules in Opscom. The tool is designed for extended collaboration within your safety organisations.


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Opscom simplify all reporting processes and takes care of all your airside inspections and controls with predefined work orders. For your fire and rescue teams, Opscom has a complete training and competence module. For pilots, maintenance technicians and ATCO`s handles all the documentation related to certification and contingency training. Giving training managers full oversight and peace of mind. Hazard library, risk management and risk mitigation are organised in an easy to use module. The module is integrated with occurrence reporting and the case management part of Opscom. This gives a holistic oversight of all your hazards, how your day to day operation influence your risk perspective and the effect of your mitigation action. This module is a game changer in how to be proactive in your risk management processes.

Internal audits, handled by third party or by your own auditing teams. Opscom audit management module improves your planning cycle, handles the internal communication, organise the audits, manage all findings and give you the opportunity to build up a strong and proactive audit check list in your own audit check list library.  This gives improved quality and transparency for the complete audit process.
Effective document handling is a great challenge in aviation. The need for keeping all your personnel updated with the latest SOP`s, maintenance manuals, safety regulations and so on, are increasing. Opscom gives all management personnel an easy to use, transparent and efficient tool to publish document to every person in their department. As individuals or as a group or a work unit.

Opscom reporting and case management modules is keeping track of all tasks when a person is the responsible person for the provided information at the same time as the the manager is kept in the loop. This module is one of the first basic module every manager in a “Opscom” company starts to use. It just takes away so much hassle.

The compliance management tool, supports the Compliance Manager to organise all internal procedures, identifying the relevant authority regulations and handling the necessary connections between the two. All non-compliant or partially compliant findings are rectified within the module, which also works as a platform for performing compliance work across departments or a number of different stakeholders at the airport, inside the air operator or at Part-145 /ANSP units. This makes the Compliance Managers work load more manageable.