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"Drones in Stormen" - RPAS conference in Smartcity Bodø 2016 with focus on business applications

Opscom attended as the only provider of safety management systems at the RPAS conference. The need for deeper understanding of new business RPAS-aplications seems to be enourmous. 

The number of RPAS operators in Norway is exploding and Opscom Systems is offering a complete safety management system package preparing RPAS-operators for the new regulations that was effective from January 2016.

"This conference has clearly identified the need for sharing information about drones and robot technology. There are several interesting business applications for unmanned aerials systems. There are obvious some safety issues introducing this new technology, but this fast emerging technology cannot be neglected. Getting a deeper understanding of the full potential of business applications based on dronetechnology is neccessary, and I am sure there will be a need for a yearly conference", said Thomas Norvoll, who is the Chief of Nordland County Administrations.