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Management of regulations, present and future
Management of local processes, procedures and documents
Compliance checks where each requirement can be linked with local processes, procedures or other relevant documentation, and, where compliant, partly compliant or non-compliant components are selected for each requirement to indicate compliance
Management of findings in relation to compliance checks
Enable your organisation to demonstrate and prove its compliancy
Link regulations to the relevant facilities

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Gives an organisation the oversight and tool to manage National Laws and International Regulations.

The Compliance Management tool supports the Compliance Manager in the organisation of internal procedures while simultaneously identifying the relevant regulatory requirment and handling the necessary connections between the two. All non-compliant or partially compliant findings are rectified within the module, which also works as a platform for supporting a collaborative compliance work across departments or within a number of different stakeholders at the airports, air operators or Part-145 / ANSP units. This makes the Compliance Managers work load more manageable.

With new regulations like EASA-OPS for the air operators, SPO for smaller operators, IR-139/2014 for airport operators, SSP for Regulators, there is a lot of pressure on the compliance processes.

With regulators shifting their focus to performance-based audits, the need for controlling the compliance process for the aviation entity is growing. This is the “reason de etre" for our  Compliance Management Tool (CMT). Starting out as a development project initiated by Copenhagen Airport and Integra, Denmark ( a top tier european consultancy company), the solution is now up and running in several aviation entities as Airports, Part-145 suppliers and CAMO holders.

The solution organise all authority requirements, divide the requrements into suitable parts and points. Thereafter the solution performs the same process with all internal procedures and instructions.  All non-compliant or partly compliant elements are identified, listed as findings and the rectifying process are handled in the CMT tool.

The solution is part of a highly developed database, with rules of conduct, highly superior to any Excel spread-sheet.  There is a large degree of transparency in the whole process.


The functions are illustrated in this figure.




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