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Full real time oversight of all unresolved findings
A check list library, giving consistency in the audit process
Transparency and fairness in the audit process
Providing a common platform for external auditors
Giving the Compliance Manager an on-line planning tool

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A module for planning and performing Internal Audits according to ISO 31000

This module handles internal audits, by 3rd.party or by your own auditing team. Opscom Audit module improves your planning cycle, handles the internal communication, organisation of the audits, manages all findings and gives you the opportunitiy to build up a strong and proactive audit check list in your own audit check list library.  This interprets into improved quality and transparency within the complete audit process.

The module is based on ISO 31000 and IOASA audit principles.  That makes it adaptable to any aviation entity`s  audit reguirements.

By deploying the Audit module, you can provide a platform for your own audit team, but more and more customers invite their external auditors to perform the audit using the Opscom platform. This gives great benefit in the process of follow up and closing the audit findings.  It also helps in generating a transparent and reusable audit checklist library.

For the nominated persons in the company, there is an on-line, updated oversight of the status of all unresolved findings.


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