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Document publishing oversight, with attached electronic signature from each recipient.
Gives postholders peace of mind and full control of the information flow
Improves the discipline and transparency regarding reading internal documents
Reduces workload on Compliance Managers, Chief Pilots and Accountable Managers
Support day-to-day safety work, by streamlining the information processes

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Roar Skogstad

Roar Skogstad

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Manage internal communications according to the latest management requirements


Handling documentation in an effective manner, is a great challenge within the aviation industry.

An essential need exists for all your personnel to be updated with the latest SOP`s, maintenance manuals, safety regulations, etc. Opscom gives all management personnel an easy to use, transparent and efficient tool to publish document to every person in their department. As individuals or as a group or as an work unit. The module also follows up if the person takes responsibility for the provided information and at the time keepis the manager in the loop. This module is the first module every manager in an “Opscom company" starts using. It just takes away so much hassle!


Document handling and control is a cornerstone in any Management system. This issue is described in-depth in
ICAO Doc. 9859 as an important part of any SMS solution.

Opscom gives you full oversight of every document published as well as a complete list of the recipients with their electronic signature attached to the published document.


We provide the document owner (Chief Pilot, Compliance Manager, etc.) with a solution that automatically gives feedback when the deadline for reading the published document is reached. The system then sends the owner a status list, starting with the persons on the publishing list who have not read and signed the document. Opscom even gives the owner an easy solution to resend the document, with a new reading deadline, to the relevant persons.

Opscom handles document versions, version numbers ,valid date, revised by and keeps an archive of older versions.

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