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Oversight and transparency
Better planning of maintenance procedures
Increased productivity
Better following up of minor deficiences
Workload oversight

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Roar Skogstad

Roar Skogstad

Sales Manager

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Keeping track of all the day to day tasks at an airport or any aviation entity.

In a complex operational or business environment, there are always a myriad of different tasks.

Opscom started out as a system for following up all kinds of inspections and control.

This has evolved into an extremely flexible module, that supports Airport operations or any tasks related to any air operation or aviation entity.

You indentify a task, either connected to airport equipment, vehicles, fire equipment in a maintenance shop, or processes you would like to monitor or follow up.

You would then define the frequency for the follow up process and the responsible person or department.   Then you select the check list from a check list library (fully configurable by the customer) and you push the “go” button.

Opscom will then every day present all relevant tasks daily to the selected person or department . You perform the checks, identify any deficiencies directly into the system, and store the completed checks in a storage box that provides you with all relevant statistics.  It gives full oversight for operational managers and provides top management with online alerts for any major problems.

For proactive safety work, there is a function for generating "safety assurance forms".  These forms (check lists) can be the back bone for apron checks of 3 rd. party suppliers, or function as reporting forms for pilots reporting duty time or technical time for their aircraft.

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